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My Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online In 2019

Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online In 2019

Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online In 2019

Have you tried to make money online in 2019? Believe it guys, I have scoured the web in search of the financial free promise land and for years like most people, I came away with sweet bugger all. Trust me, it’s not easy to make money online, as it involves a lot of errors, and losing a shit load of dosh before you make your first dollar. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, doesn’t it? BOLLOCKS to that I say, as that’s the way I got taught for a while before I realised something really important about making money online, listen to your heart and follow what the best do. (REPLICATE AND DUPLICATE) or vice versa.

It’s not easy, but you can actually make money online…

For years we tried them all, from buying pointless ebooks, selling crap on eBay, flogging books on Ziffit, to rev shares, MLM fly-by-night companies to you name it, we have done it but where there has been plenty of loss of monies, there has also been far more gained after getting rid of out of so many crappy scams from the likes of Traffic Monsoon, My Paying Ads etc. I could bore you with a huge list exposing these scams but you probably know them just as much as me. It does annoy you to get scammed, but it makes you want it even more badly. So after hitting the drawing board again, I realised I was just pissing in the wind following so many bums who were just out to line their own pockets.

Then I actually got not just mad, but I got educated and got EVEN. How?

By copying what certain impressionable leaders were doing and had been doing for years, and simply jumping in their teams and riding the wave with these top money earners from the likes of Ari Maccabi to Adrian Hibbert, and ever since the early days, since copying these guys, it’s mainly been plain sailing to the bank for me and my team.

By going with the best marketers in this game, not only was I taught by the best but I learnt fast how to use my time well online and maximise every chance I got in the RIGHT program especially when the whole crypto thing blew up. I never quite got to millionaire status like Adrian Hibbert, but boy it was a crypto gold rush back then when Bitcoin hit 20k each. Those were the days hey?


  1. Future Ad Pro -Based on the fact that it’s been my number one breadwinner for a couple of years now and its outperformed all other MLM companies and despite a few setbacks, which after looking into them I now see them as safeguards, I think this business is going places so therefore I plan to go to the same place with them given that they are TRUSTWORTHY, LOYAL, STILL PAYS OUT, MY OTHER BUSINESSES GET ADVERTISED, and MY TEAM ARE STRONG. JOIN HERE.
  2. Amazon Kindle (Writing Ebooks) – I have written some crap books in my time, and I am proud of them as they lead me to write the other bestsellers that have gone on to make me a few thousand pounds and still bring home the bacon for me every month when more and more royalties come flooding in my bank account. I usually write about anything to do with money or making it, and people seem to love my books. So must be doing something right?
  3. Crypto Coins – I am heavily involved in lots of projects, both here in the UK and around the globe, but my best crypto investments have been so far, Electroneum (ETN), and Ethereum, which I used to cloud mine with a well-known Mining company called Hashflare, but given the recent dips in value, I don’t really want to recommend anything just yet. Facebook intends to launch their own coin so you need to look out for that one as the demand and the price of those coins could be just massive.
  4. Affiliate Marketing – Using Bounty, I run all sorts of great offers on social media through youtube to generate enough traffic, and get people to buy what I am reviewing, which is usually geared towards the health and fitness market. With Bounty, once you get accepted on their scheme it’s easy money if your good at marketing. (I will write a blog post on it soon).
  5. Drop Shipping – I love owning my own shops, and selling my own merchandise such as my t-shirt range from my shopify store coz if it’s good enough for the Kardashians to use then it’s good enough for me. With great themes and templates to match the best back office, Shopify makes the process of selling other goods as well as your own so easy especially with an app called Oberlo which you can link to your chosen products on Ali Express.

These are just a few of my favourite typical multiple streams of income that makes my weekly and monthly bills all go away. None of it takes rocket science, nor does it cost much to set up all of them, just most of it comes down to having and taking advantage of two things.

Time and Action = Mucho Dinero….

The rest is entirely based on luck, timing, and just sheer plain old grafting and taking action coz let’s  face it, the more you do something, the better chance you got if keeping it.

Final Thoughts

Making money online this year guys shouldn’t be that hard coz with this blog, please bookmark it as I will be sharing not just all my favourite online PROVEN and TRIED and TESTED money making schemes but I will be exposing all the scammers so you don’t get caught up in them.

Future Ad Pro does pay well and has been paying me for a long time now, but this post proves to you that there are other great ways out there that can answer all your prayers and help pay your dreaded bills. All you gotta do is just do what I do, and jump right on in.

Nothing Ventured – Nothing Gained.