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My New Ebook For Wannabe Hackers Coming (Need Testers)

My New Ebook For Hackers Due Out Soon I have written an awesome little ebook that packs a punch for all you non-gifted hackers out there. Would you like to be one of the lucky 10 testers to get a free copy? Hacking the web will be out soon and it will cover some awesome […]

Final Day Of The Hack My Blog Challenge (Nearly 400 Attacks)

Thanks, For Doing The Hack My Blog ChallengeĀ  Yes guys the hack my blog challenge is nearly finished, almost like 400 entries and attacks and not one breach of my security so I can gleefully and proudly state categorically that my blog is SUPER SECUREĀ and you need to go back to hacker school. BADLY! From […]

Here Are The Results So Far From The Hack My Blog Challenge

Finally, The Hack My Blog Results Are In… Have you heard about the Hack My blog Challenge? If not, let me update you all. Did some hacker actually get pass my rather AWESOME security plugin? Hmmm Were YOU able to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and make a mockery of me and my beautiful blog? Did […]