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Scams and Scammers Alert

Here is a list of my top SCAMS and SCAMMERS

So many times have most of us been stung by online scams by so many rogue scammers, it really does suck! Nobody likes being scammed especially when we thought we could trust the program and then it robs us all.

Here is a list of KNOWN online scams and scammers and how to avoid them

Drew Burton (Serial Scammer) – Too many scams to mention of his but his most recent one called Payoutpro has already been exposed by myself and many others on our facebook page and our blog which you can find here >>> payoutproscam

Simon Stepsys (British Scamster) – One of the UK’s biggest convicted fraudsters who thinks like a shark and acts like one.

Frank Callabro Jnr (American Shyster) – One of the many scammers who got loads of people to sign up under him in scams from Traffic Monsoon to Traffic Hurricane.

Sunil C. Patel (Indian Property Fraudster from London) – We had wars over the phone over his way he treats women like dirt.

Charles Scoville (American Scammer) – Famous creator and founder of Traffic Monsoon which by default ended up defrauding millions off people. Currently in jail for child molestation.

Adrian Hibbert (Welsh Scammer) – Known for his Bitcoin bullshit, this guy is famous for recruiting people then letting them down when the shit hits the fan. He is not to be trusted at all.

Ari Maccabi (Big time ponzi pimp) – This guy is American and is famous for his scams that usually involve recruiting and exploiting people via Youtube.

David Barker (Traffic Monsoon Big Mouth) – He was one of the key people in the scam who got the front to even mouth to the victims through videos. He is being sued by the SEC in America as we write this.

Ernie Ganz (Traffic Hurricane Scammer) – Along with David Barker he scammed thousands of people using the same website theme as Traffic Monsoon and most of the victims got stung twice by this Floridan scam rat.

Konstantin Ignatov (OneCoin Ponzi Promoter) – He is being sought after peddling this terrible scam coin and hopefully won’t be around long enough to smell the fresh air.

Stephan Morgenstern & Roman Ziemian (Futurenet/FutureAdPro Founders) – These two nefarious con men are still in operation and still scamming millions of so many gullible and naive people all over the world. They need taking down and it won’t be long as Austria has even warned people off about their scams.

Andre Vaughn (Wakaya Perfection Field Boss) – Currently enjoying a nice and long jail term for being a scamming miscreant for his frauds. Only ten months but it’s long enough to get him to sort his head out.

That’s some of the worst scammers out there right now…

We all know that there are always going to be scammers living online so you just have to know how to deal with these muppets and they way I do it is by just following three things to avoid getting stung.

My Top 3 Ways How To Avoid Getting Scammed By These Greedy Scammers

  • Always do RESEARCH on the people involved, the owners, and how it’s funded. Serious research can and will pay dividends if you do it properly.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, usually it always ends up being just that. So just use your common sense.
  • Always look into the ROI of the scam, and usually, if it’s an inflated return that they are offering or they try to offer some sort of upfront membership fee, usually tends to give you a clue that it’s a scam.

Just pisses me off when I see people getting stung by all these scamming rats all over the web but sadly, all i can do is just keep exposing these scammers for you and keep you aware of the next scamming trend.


What are Crypto Duplicators?

These things are just a way to get money off you with the promise to triple your money but invariably they just run off with your money. ANYTHING LIKE THIS, JUST AVOID BIG TIME!


They are still scamming people and not paying out so I would avoid these guys big time especially when they have changed the business so much beyond recognition in order to save money and keep their scam going. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!