Here Are The Results So Far From The Hack My Blog Challenge

Here Are The Results So Far From The Hack My Blog Challenge

hack my blog results

Finally, The Hack My Blog Results Are In…

Have you heard about the Hack My blog Challenge? If not, let me update you all.

Did some hacker actually get pass my rather AWESOME security plugin? Hmmm

Were YOU able to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX and make a mockery of me and my beautiful blog?

Did YOU break into my server and wreak havoc where it caused me ENDLESS ANXIETY?

HELL NO! Nobody Smart Enough Or Skilled Enough Managed To Crack My Blog On Day One p>

Hack This Blog! Have you got what it takes?

So rightfully, I am laughing my head off right now because it just proves to me that most of you guys are NOT ready for hacking just yet. You need to learn some better skills!

Hacking isn’t easy as you think it is, hence why you can soon grab my ebook called Hacking: The Basics Of A Cracker which teaches you in plain English how to master the art of hacking basically anything without having to learn code. (Everyone who has tried to hack this blog will get 30% Discount off). RELEASE DATE: JULY 1ST 2019.

So Here Is A Quick Thank You For Day One Out Of Three Of The Hacking Challenge

So you see guys, now with me giving you ALL free access and total verbal permission to hack this blog, what are you waiting for? Get hacking if you want to prove your the best.

Only the best deserve to go on the HACKER WALL OF FAME, Will it be you? 

You have till the weekend to show me what you are made of or just GIVE UP and leave it to the best hackers out there who believe they can do it, BUT I STILL AINT SEEN ANY PROOF YET?

Can You Please Give Us Some Tips How To Do Hack Your Blog?

HA HA HA HA HA HELL NO! Are you having a laugh?

Do I look like I am the giving sort of person? LOL Nah just kidding, The best tip I can give you is to stay persistent and to look for VULNS in the places where you have forgotten to look or where you would least expect to look.

Anyway, guys, my pizza is burning in the oven, I need a cold bottle of beer, and I am going to wait to see if you have what it takes to swipe this big cocky grin off my face.

This hack my blog challenge is something for everyone and should only be done for educational purposes only.

Happy Hacking Champs 😉

NOTE: Look out for the new ebook drop soon, and look out for the new HACKING section to be added to this blog over the weekend which will contain daily vlogs on everything from Basic Hacking to Professional Hacking. p>

Hack this blog results

Seriously bro? I am an Ethical hacker/Pen Tester, you think it’s going to be that easy? THINK AGAIN

If you want to hack this blog guys, you need to try better than that coz the security plugin I created is tossing you all in the bin TRY AGAIN!