It’s Game Over For Future Ad Pro....Don’t Bother Joining Up!

It’s Game Over For Future Ad Pro….Don’t Bother Joining Up!

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Time Is Up For Future Ad Pro

Here are 3 reasons why I believe it’s game over for this 5 year long company

Before I tell you why I think it’s game over for future Ad Pro and Futurenet, I just want to point out that this company isn’t dodgy, but the people behind might be.

For many months now too many inconsistencies and problems have started to affect the accounts of many innocent members where for example they have had their adpacks stolen by the company and made out that they had double accounts. It’s utter garbage!

I personally think having read up on the owners and done some hardcore research on the company’s ethics and boy it stinks!

Now the Government and soon the law will be on their case to shut down its operation so as of today, I won’t be promoting or sharing anything to influence or suggest people should join. All links will immediately be removed.

Here are the 3 reasons why it’s game over for Future Ad Pro

  1. The unscrupulous and dastardly way in which they robbed everyone’s adpacks and people lost millions but all they did was shrug it off. This screams thieves in my eyes.
  2. The daily profits have dramatically decreased and hardly anyone is getting what they should do which shows that the funds are running very low.
  3. The fact that they have got too many rules and regulations in place to make out that they doing it for the memberbase when in reality they are merely just creating a smoke screen.

The sad thing about it all is that you can’t even get a chunk of your locked up money WHY? Coz it’s probably been circulating and been used to pay off others.

Thats another reason why I’m pulling out is coz I think Future Ad Pro is nothing more than a typical Ponzi scam.

So stay clear and move onto something new….Future Ad Pro is dead and buried for me now. It’s turned into a nightmare for many and a constant battle to me.

Thanks FAP for giving me so much!

Game over……