How To Make Super Fast Money Online 2019

Make Money Online In 2019 - 3 Ways To Make Money Online In 2019

3 Super Fast Ways To Make Online In 2019

So last year, i wanted to find some super fast ways to make money online in the approaching new year of 2019.

Basically, I wanted to find a few ways of how to make an extra side income on the web that could fund my collection of money orientated blogs and here are the results.

At first, I didn’t really want to commit to anything until I did my research at the backend of the year but I wrote down a list. Not a great big one but surely it was a start right?

Surely All The Ways To Make Money Online Are DEAD In 2019?

Well I was so wrong! I found 3 of the best ways to smash it online and not just in a way that was better than the previous year or that i felt the need to scream it from the nearest mountain top, but finally i got my break.

Things started to look up for me, and i made sure i wasn’t taking no prisoners this time.

3 Super Fast Ways To Make Money Online In 2019

  1. Ebooks – Using Amazons Kindle is a great way to earn a residual income online but it takes a couple of months to get set up as its like a month in advance before you get the royalties off them but there is a way for you to smash it with INSTANT way of getting paid and that is what i have done and that is through Crypto Currency such as Bitcoin which i then convert into FIAT/Real Money. Payoneer is your answer to this bad boy and using Payoneer, not only will you get your payments quicker, but you can get a pre-paid Mastercard and then spend your money all over the world. So have you got a great story that you need to share with the world? Or maybe some tips on giving up smoking perhaps? There will always be an audience for books like this. Paypal is another great tool but you need to be fully approved and trusted before you get paid instantly. It’s still an option.
  2. Leads – Go out and find yourself a local company that isn’t doing too well, and could do with a boost in business, so you arrange selling him a few leads per day. Once he trusts you, you can arrange for him to pay you daily instead of weekly or monthly. Anything from Roofing, Web design, Double glazing, etc The world is your oyster on that one and the best thing about it is that you can set your own prices to charge for your leads. All you need to do is build a free website via weebly or, have some type of capture page where you can capture all the leads and their info and then run it via FB ads or Google Ads or if you are good at SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you can get your websites first page of google especially if the chosen keywords are not in a saturated market which means you won’t have any chance of hitting top spot on Google.
  3. Direct Selling – Are you any good at marketing? at web design? at anything? Don’t matter this one as it can be outsourced eventually when you have built up a good customer list. So with this one it does involve a lot of selling and it does involve trust when they take a free website for their online/offline business for a month to test drive it and its up to you to make sure their website is bringing them customers and then once they are happy you charge the new customers upfront payment plus a monthly fee for maintenance.

If they love their website, and what it brings them, why would they say no?

That’s how i reckon you should kill it and start making easy money online in 2019 coz these methods have been tried and tested by me and they all work. (Although you have to put the work in in order to see any results).


Making money online in 2019 isn’t as easy as it was like 10 years ago and it wasn’t a slog like it is for many of us today who depend on the internet to help pay our bills and have a great life.

99% of what everyone else is doing in my view is very HIGH RISK whether it be Rev Share sites, Forex, Bitcoin schemes, Crypto stuff, and many more are just a waste of time in my eyes.

Stick to doing the 3 or one of the 3 and you will thank me in years to come. They maybe simple and not as fancy as the rest but they have always worked for me.

No Excuses!

Good Luck!