5 Fast Ways To Make Money Weekly With Data Entry Work Online

5 Fast Ways To Make Money Weekly With Data Entry Work Online

Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online In 2019

Make Money from home with data entry work?

Over the last few weeks, I have discovered a few ways to make money online using data entry companies that can pay out weekly to your PayPal account. Making money, as most of us know, and if you didn’t know, can be somewhat of a jungle out there. NEVER DESPAIR!

but there is hope. Luckily it’s not all about Future Ad Pro.

There are companies all over the world who are willing to part with their cash for your skills if you know where to look and how they work. Fortunately, I have done my homework.

I am chuffed to tell you, I have found 5 of the best data entry jobs

For many people, looking for trustworthy and reliable jobs online is a minefield in itself but after looking into ALL these myself and doing my own due diligence, they have all passed the pukka mukka test (which is what I do to determine the life or death of a company).

Really you can make online with data entry Daz? Yes, you can. There are people out there screaming for people like yourselves who may hate the whole 9-5 slog or you simply don’t want to work.

Shit happens, it doesn’t matter to these companies whether you work or not, quite the opposite really as I’m sure they would rather people who don’t work so they can get more time and money out of you.

Money? Does it cost anything?

Most certainly not, I wouldn’t dare share and recommend jobs and work like that coz that defeats the purpose of making money online if you have to hand over any cash for so-called membership or admin fees.

Stay clear of any jobs doing this and pulling this kind of stand coz that screams scam usually and they are never to be trusted. Especially the stuffing envelopes scam.

I really am starting to get fed up of Future Ad Pro and soon I will cease promoting it as I think it’s got like 6-12 months left online so on that basis I will be doing my utmost in the meantime to find the best online ventures that will beat Future Ad Pro hands down.

So what about these 5 ways to make money in data entry?

  • Testing websites with the best-paid User Testing website on the market right now. Find out more info about them here guys and of course, sign up if you like what you see www.usertesting.com
  • Amazon mTurks – Amazon in all her glory is great for books and getting those most sought after gifts for your loved one, as we all know, but they also have a few ways to allow people to make money on their site so if you want to get paid for doing some data entry tasks then I suggest you hit the link here www.mturk.com
  • Fiverr – Have you got a skill that you would like to truly turn into cash? Get paid for doing small tasks for people and make a mint with this bad boy on Fiverr.com. If you are a web designer, an app developer, an artist or just can think of anything that you can add value to peoples lives, then fiverr is perfect for you. Plus they pay to your Paypal account.
  • Amazon Kindle – Over the last few weeks, I have found a website called Canva.com, and I have been sending emails to people and joined up on Fiverr.com to offer my proofreading skills, as well as my cover design and so far I have over 4 orders and it looks it’s going to be a good little sideline. They pay out fast and that’s what I love.
  • Writing Articles – There is a huge demand for SEO articles for blog owners, so why not capitalise on this? Are you any good at writing? Can you knock up a 500-word article every couple of hours? All you have to do is sell your own privately via your own FREE website such as Wix.com or you can join up to one of the many great article providers and hopefully find the right amount of customers to keep your hands red hot. Check out websites such as Ezines.com, Strongwhispers.com, CollegeHumor.com, or Cracked.com.

There you have it guys! 5 Top ways to make money online in 2019 at your own pace and whenever you feel like it. And for actually getting this far in this article, i am going to give you 3 more BONUS ways to make money that a lot of people are doing it and giving up their day job or it’s just helping them to live comfortably without having to worry about those dreaded poxy bills that pour through our door every single month.


  • Sell your own stuff that you have created and made yourself on ETSY.COM – From Necklaces to rings to fresh air in a jar to the Chinese. If it’s marketed well, it will sell well especially if it goes viral.
  • DropShipping – This one is awesome, especially as you don’t even own the products you are selling yet you can still sell products from AliExpress via an app called Oberlo on your own Shopify gift shop, and mark it up as much as you want, then advertise through facebook, and you will be shocked how many sales you get especially if you hit a trend such as the Fidget Spinners. I will write a FULL article on Dropshipping very soon so look out for that one to drop soon.
  • Sell human hair – There is a massive demand for women’s hair especially if it’s very long and there are companies online willing to pay you up to £1000 for your troubles, so if you would like to earn some super fast cash, get in touch with some local hair salons, and leave your business cards, as this could be a huge money spinner for you. Once you have bagged yourself some nice expensive locks, there will be a few people wanting to pay big bucks for it so don’t go selling it to the first one, shop around and get some tidy quotes off people.

That’s all folks! I hope I helped you out with 8 ways to make money online in 2019 and beyond coz i am sure you will be able to do them all if you are super clever. Try not to do them all together or that will really be one big mess.

Happy money making guys!