My New Ebook For Wannabe Hackers Coming (Need Testers)

My New Ebook For Wannabe Hackers Coming (Need Testers)

My New Ebook For Wannabe Hackers Coming (Need Testers)

My New Ebook For Hackers Due Out Soon

I have written an awesome little ebook that packs a punch for all you non-gifted hackers out there.

Would you like to be one of the lucky 10 testers to get a free copy?

Hacking the web will be out soon and it will cover some awesome hacking stuff that i wish was out when I first entered this game.

It will feature topics and training like

  • Basic programming and what languages to learn
  • Equip you with all the right tools for beginners
  • Show you how to take down ANY website
  • How to hack Facebook and Instagram
  • How to create a small virus to wreak havoc
  • Basic CMD tricks that will blow you away
  • How to turn hacking into profit
  • Benefits of being an Ethical Hacker
  • Hackers Toolbox (the largest ever tool collection)
  • The best hacker forums in the net
  • What’s Form jacking and Crypto jacking?
  • How to create free ransomeware
  • Best sites on the dark web for carding etc
  • Hack any website with one simply trick
  • plus much more

Note: Disclaimer, this ebook is purely written and sold for educational reasons and you can’t use it to commit crime.

My New Ebook For Wannabe Hackers Coming (Need Testers)

So Who Is Ready To Learn How To Hack Better?

I’m looking for 10 people to test and review this some of this book but you can’t sell the book or show it to anyone else.

hence why I’m that worried that it will be handed around the hacker communities, only a few chapters will be permitted to be seen by the reviewers.

If you are interested in reviewing this ebook, please sign the form below and I will randomly pick your names out of a hat.

Can You Buy This Ebook If You Don’t Get Picked?

Yes, You will be able to purchase this Hacking The Web (2019 edition) from this blog on the Ebooks page for $6.99. (PayPal, Bitcoin or Payoneer).


So if you would like to randomly selected by me on around the 10th of this month then by all means, fill in the form above and reserve your rightful place.

Only 10 limited spaces will be available and all i ask for is for you to come back here and give your honest opinion on the book.

Not only do i want you beginners to learn something from the powerful knowledge inside but i also want you to tell your mates about it and get the ebook out there as it’s a much needed companion for any would-be hacker or cracker.

You have until July 10th to request a free ebook review, HAPPY HACKING GUYS!