Here Are The Results For Day Two Of The Hack My Blog Challenge

Here Are The Results For Day Two Of The Hack My Blog Challenge

Day Two Hack My Blog Results

Day Two Of The Hack My Blog Challenge

First guys, I just want to say thanks for taking part in the hack my blog challenge as it’s been fun for me, I don’t know about you? In fact, it’s been hilarious.

So Why Has it Been Hilarious Daz?

Because I have never seen so many hackers all in one place at the same time trying to hack my lovely blog but kind of find it an IMPOSSIBLE task.

So it just goes to show that no matter how good of a hacker you THINK you are, there is always someone FAR better at protecting their blogs.

I have to admit, I never thought my security plugin was this good, I might even roll it out and sell it so thanks guys for possibly even making rich. Possibly a millionaire if all these tests prove to me one thing and that is my security plugin is AWESOME.

I have even thought of the name for my security plugin, VIPER DEFENDER, so thanks guys for helping to secure not just my blog but possibly even a million plus other blogs in future. I will look into this idea more after the full results come in.

So Nobody Has Won The Hack My Blog Challenge At All?

Sadly guys for you guys, NOPE! Without adding salt into the wounds, but you guys haven’t even come close to hacking this blog of mine. I told you, IT’S IMPENETRABLE.

I am well happy with the results so far from my end, nothing has gone wrong, everything seems like it’s going to plan and I am still very confident that NOBODY is good enough to hack my blog.

Thanks for trying guys and for those who haven’t been blacklisted by my plugin policeman, then keep trying guys or do what all others should do and just give up before my plugin embarrasses your hacker skillset.

As you can see from the image below, you guys try the same old shit, and the same old shit just gets knocked back so you need to think more cleverly or leave it well alone.

Here Are The Results So Far From The Hack My Blog Challenge

So far, I have had pro hackers from Russia, Ukraine, China, Vietnam, India, Australia, Philippines, And Turkey and yet still you can’t hack it. HA HA HA HA

Anyway thanks for trying guys! NEVER GIVE UP!

See you tomorrow on the final day! 

Happy Hacking!