Are You A Hacker? Hack This Blog! I Welcome Any Hacker To Try it

Hack This Blog! I Welcome Any Hacker To Try it

Hack This Blog! Have you got what it takes?

This Is A Call For Any Pro Hacker To Try Hack This Blog And Then If You Do, I Will Reward You!

Are you a hacker? At the end of the day, I plan to keep this blog as secure as possible so what better way to keep hackers out is to get a hacker to break into my blog so that I can patch any holes in my system as I may add a shop in the future.

Are you a hacker? Come try to Hack this blog!

Can you do it? Are you up for the challenge?

I need to find the right hacker! Most hackers on Facebook, be it the Black Hat or White Hat type, most of them couldn’t hack into a wet paper bag even if they tried.

Hence why I know my blog is safe as houses. Prove me, wrong guys? If you are a pretty good hacker, then this is the perfect challenge for you to do.

Most of these hackers on Facebook are just script kiddies.

I think I am just wasting my time expecting to find a really good pro hacker to pull this feat off

How good are you at hacking? are you just starting out? are you capable to hack into anything?

Have you got the minerals to hack this blog? Hmmmm

You can attempt to hack this blog any time you want, but don’t cry too much if you can’t do it. Most hackers are rubbish hackers who just pretend to be hackers.

So if you are up for the challenge, don’t worry about getting caught and going to jail as that won’t happen as I am giving you FULL permission to do it.

I want you to actually break into the blog, and not down the blog with some crappy DOS /DDOS attack which anyone can do.

You must actually get into this blog. I will then put your name on my HACKERS WALL OF FAME PAGE (coming soon).

Please leave me your hacker name and when you are game and I will tell you when you can do it.


So what are you waiting for guys? If you class yourself as a REAL hacker, then PROVE it to yourselves by showing me how good you are

Or are you just a fake like 80% of hackers out there?