I Hate Universal Credit So Let Future Ad Pro Help You

I Hate Universal Credit So Let Future Ad Pro Help You

I Hate Universal Credit So Let Future Ad Pro Help You

I Really Do HATE Universal Credit

For many moons, I have watched so many people who have been FORCED on the shittiest system called UC or Universal Credit that has tucked everyone of you up, or fucked your minds up.

Or even worse, taken many lives. And for what? To cut yet more costs, and save millions of tax payers money or is it to make the rich richer and to leave the rest of us BROKE AS A JOKE

How can you solve my problem then Daz?

I know what you mean, I was in your shoes and it felt really horrible, in actual fact when this middle class snotty twat in the job centre told me the news I can’t tell you how low I felt and how degraded I was made to feel. I had to get dragged out of the job centre I was that mad.

I literally felt helpless, lonely, desperate and basically like shit.

I knew that this shit sandwich I was dealt and given wasn’t for me deep down so I needed time to figure it all out. So I literally ran away from my problems and took a time out by leaving the country coz I had a titfull and I couldn’t live like this just to satisfy those jobsworth pricks at the job centre.

I was meant for something better, and so are you so don’t bow down to them and accept it

I headed for Ibiza to work the season, it was not only the best decision I made at the time as I was suffering from depression, anxiety and my panic attacks got worse when those bastards dished the not so lovely Universal Credit but I needed a break to get my head out of my arse and to re-evaluate my life.

A full season out in Ibiza just helped me enormously and all I can say is that it gave me a new sort of level of confidence that won’t ever be smashed by some jobsworth at the job centre (if I ever got presented with that situation again).

Thankfully, I got offered a job back in the UK when I came back and now I’m doing better than before I left this country.

There is hope….you just have to believe in yourself

Don’t get me wrong, I know that the large majority of you guys haven’t got the luxury of getting up and jumping on a cheap Ryan Air flight to live it large in Ibiza for like a season.

I know that most of you will have a small family and that being given this UC news isn’t just a shock to the system but it’s designed to screw you ALL over and the muppets expect you to just swallow this “tough shit on you” pill that you like me find it hard to swallow.

Yeah right! This is where Future Ad Pro or one of my other ways to make a weekly and monthly income can be used instead of relying on the pittance they give you to last you for…one day.

Are they taking the piss? Umm hell yeah they are, so don’t subscribe to the notion that you have to put up, and shut up coz at the end of the day, you are the master of your own destiny not a bunch of upperclass ratbags who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

Call me crass, rude, even vile, I don’t give a monkeys, but I know I’m right. You know it as well but the truth hurts at the end of the day.

So like I did when I got back from my tenth Ibizan stint, I told them to shove it and went to work and never looked back.

Get busy living guys, or get busy dying..it’s YOUR choice!

I could have easily jumped in front of the next train that would have solved a lot for me but I thought fuck you Government I’m not being selfish and thought they can all stuff your petty silly rules, and all your political correctness bollox up your jacksie.

Then I discovered Future Ad Pro….what a life saver it’s been for me and my family and it can for you too.

So what’s all the fuss about with Future Ad Pro?

First off it’s not one of those crappy fly-by-night businesses that don’t last longer than the average life of a fly. Far from that, it’s got lots going for it as it owns café in Poland and it’s even got its own social networking platform called Futurenet, which pays you to socialise.

It’s free from any membership fees till you hit higher levels but let’s first tell you a little bit about what a REVENUE SHARING WEBSITE is all about and how can they benefit you.

Join up here for a start fast, and then get back to me when you have so I can give you a few freebies such a free website or blog like this one and the guide book on how to reach the top in the company so your earning at least £100 per day guaranteed.

What’s a rev share and how can you make money from it?

Rev shares (as they are known online) are a group of websites which act like advertising platforms where you can buy ad spaces, click other members ads and get a daily ROI from the adpacks purchased. The more adpacks you have, the more profit you can make, thus, the better it will for your balance in the long run.

That’s the problem I get all the time when i try to refer people when faced with the prospect of trying to find the funds to start buying adpacks to watch their account grow.

If I was stuck in your unfortunate situation, I would fight my hardest to get back on my feet again even if that meant begging or borrowing just so you can make money even in your sleep.

Soon I will be more than happy to share with all of you how to get things started with this company that I have been involved with for the last past few years with a few training videos, so look out for them. Everyone needs to be guided if they can’t understand things.

Life waits for nobody….go out and grab this opportunity before it just ends up being just a missed opportunities and then what? Be stuck down an infinite deep dark ditch forever.

If you can’t afford to get started and join my team, then I will routinely suggest lots of money making ideas (free ones) every week so keep an eye out for them.

This week I have 5 more DATA ENTRY jobs that anyone can do from the comfort of your own home and they pay weekly as well.

Final Thoughts

If none of this stuff is for you then don’t worry, try out one of my free money making ideas or just continue to stay stuck in a rut. Till you say to yourself, enough is enough, I deserve better! And do your own thing.

If you don’t bother to heed my advice and just stay stagnant and stew in your own anger and frustration like I did which got me worse and feeling like shit daily, remember there is always someone worse off than you and I only hope that this article helps to give you HOPE.

I know hope is an unbelievable thing that you seldom remember when those punks at the job centre strip you of everything from your dignity to your pride and down to your last remaining bit of faith, always remember that there is light at the end. (Despite what anyone tells you).

If you do choose to fly solo, then of course I wish you well, and can offer you just one last bit of advice to arm yourself with when times get so rough and tough you feel like wanting to explode with rage out of sheer frustration and anger caused mainly by the corrupt state.

Fly with me and I will fly with you….and the rest of my team.

I remember writing this poem on my flat wall when I was in your shoes, it went like this

You can take it all

But you can’t my pride,

Stick your UC up your arse

Far and Bloody wide

You can take my money

But you can’t take my soul,

You can laugh in my face 

Without me and my presence 

You would be pissing in the same bowl

Every time I looked at this poem, I would laugh to myself, and eventually it drove me to pull my finger out and sort my life out. I’m not thinking it’s going to have the same desired affect on you, but I thought I would share it with you to show you how determined I was to get out from the Universal Grip.

Thankfully I did, it’s not been all plain sailing but neither have I drowned so it can’t be all that bad.

Please message me if you are really interested in making money online, I would be happy to mentor you all for free in order to get you off that dreaded UC.

Till we meet again

Darren 😉