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7 Worst Things About Future Ad Pro

7 Worst Things About Future Ad Pro

7 Worst Things About Future Ad Pro

Seriously guys, Future Ad Pro isn’t the exception, most things in life really piss me off, even the tiniest of things get my back up these days as my age smashes past 40 and yes even things that make me money. Why? Coz like humans, websites which are run by humans tend to mess up and malfunction. This annoys the shit outta me!

Here is a short list of what really pisses me off about Future Ad Pro and what you can do to prevent yourself from getting wound up like I do when things go wrong.

Worst Things Come In 7 Deadly Packages 📦

  • Payout Delays, This really does my head in coz it seems to be getting worse especially since the new site got rolled out to us. It takes roughly on average a week to get paid. It’s best to place a withdrawal at the beginning of the week. This needs sorting!
  • Slow Advertising, If you didn’t know, when you join up you have to click on ten boring old advertisements every day in order to get paid and since this new platform called FAP 2.0 got introduced to us the amount of slow ads is enough to drive a vicar over the edge.
  • Extortionate Fees, Whether it be the crypto fees or the silly advertising fund, I still think their fees are pretty high and they should hopefully come down to a better rate by 2020.
  • Useless Sponsors, It really winds me up that I have to block my sponsor who turned out to be just a money grabbing leech who just wanted me on his team for one reason. You know who you are, Shame on you Jason and I’m glad I saw you for the selfish ponzi pimp lover that you are. I have warned many people about him.
  • Inactive Referrals, One way or another at some point, your referrals once they connect and see the greatness of this business will invest more than just their time in future ad pro, and you will earn commissions off them. I just hate it when people ask to be referred then do nothing once their signed up. Please Avoid All Timewasters!
  • Chinese Adverts, Seeing as most of the members seem to be living in Europe, where Futurenet and Future Ad Pro are based, but every day I feel like I’m based and living in China with the amount of Chinese ads that makes me feel like they are the only members. Plus their ads are slow and very annoying. Time Future Ad Pro mixed it up with more English ads.
  • Annoying Capatcha, We all know they do serve a website well and do provide protection from all those spammers but at the same time they do my nut right in and we need a much better one before my one ends up making want to drive over a cliff.

They are the only things I could find wrong with Future Ad Pro, the rest I can put up with so that I can keep getting paid. Not as regular as I like but they still pay out, that’s more than what most do.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, the above reasons could have been a lot worse, but it’s probably down to the fact that half the time I  don’t even pay attention to them coz I’m fed up of telling the team in the office how to do their job. In fairness, they do usually sort the issues out when I raise them.

It can get frustrating on times, when things don’t go your own way and I suppose it’s advisable to be patient when dealing with the management. That’s me being fair, and honest.