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Free Crypto

Welcome To The FREE Crypto Coins Page

I don’t know about you but I’m a huge fan of crypto coins especially if I get bag them when they are free to be banked ready to cash out when they hit the exchanges.

So grab yourself some free crypto coins here and bag them before the owners terminate the project

Please note that I only recommend the best crypto airdrops

Most crypto coins or tokens no matter the volume you get rewarded for signing up in order to get them won’t ever budge any time soon and will remain a shit coin. Forever.

But the ones I believe have potential will be promoted by me on this page for you all.

Thats the best thing about bagging free crypto coins is that’s the only thing you have to do in order to get them is for just signing up and being a member.

It’s up to you if you want to earn more in referrals after you have signed up.

Most of the ones on Facebook are utter crap, you have to do what I do and spend time on researching these coins and tokens. It’s worth it.

Last year, I got introduced to a couple of good ones and they eventually paid for my holiday to Spain and a nice car. The best part, they were paid by free crypto coins.

So Here Are My Top 3 Free Crypto Coins This Month

  • Argentas – One of my most recent finds! This gem is supposed to smash a dollar easily by 2020 and for signing up they give you 4000 plus coins + 2000 per referral. This one has the right team and great potential. Find out more about the project here. Sign Up Here.
  • POW token – I have loved this project ever since I researched it and since the antivirus crypto king John McAfee jumped on board. I think this a future coin and like the one above it has lots of potential given the great team behind it. Find out more here. Sign Up Here.
  • Electroneum – As a Brit, hearing that we might one day have our own kind of smaller version of Bitcoin, I was over the moon. Then they brought out this bad boy coin which has its own mining app giving you 100 free coins weekly. Helping Africans to pay for their mobile top ups and being backed by a great team, how could I resist. Find out more here. Sign Up Here.

These are my top 3 crypto coins at the moment in 2019, as they tick all the right boxes plus they are what I perceive to be future coins or rainy day funds.

The best part about it all is that they are free, and you can make a nice stash of cash if and when they rocket up in value which I believe at least one of them most certainly will. It’s inevitable.

All 3 crypto coins have amazing teams behind them plus other assets sitting alongside these coins so it’s not like they are just ghost coins. That’s something I will leave to ghosts themselves.

Happy Crypto Coin Stacking Guys!