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My New Ebooks For Wannabe Hackers Coming (Need Testers)

This Ebook is primarily aimed at beginners and anyone who is just starting out in becoming a hacker who may find it a tad bit daunting like we all did once upon a time when we started in this game. I basically show you the ropes and get you to learn how to master the art of hacking websites, Social Media sites, create a small virus, programming and how to use just basic hacking with the most easiest tools around to enable you to successfully hack the web in style.

It will feature topics and training like

  • Basic programming and what languages to learn
  • Equip you with all the right tools for beginners
  • Show you how to take down ANY website
  • How to hack Facebook and Instagram
  • How to create a small virus to wreak havoc
  • Basic CMD tricks that will blow you away
  • How to turn hacking into profit
  • Benefits of being an Ethical Hacker
  • Hackers Toolbox (the largest ever tool collection)
  • The best hacker forums in the net
  • What’s Form jacking and Crypto jacking?
  • How to create free ransomeware
  • Best sites on the dark web for carding etc
  • Hack any website with one simply trick
  • Learn all about Phishing and how to Phish 
  • The future of hacking 
  • Top ten best hacks in the world 

The contents of the book starts off with basic stuff and then moves onto more hardcore hacking that will leave you gagging for more! It will help broaden your mind, and your horizons.

Happy Hacking!