Hack Proof Your Blog Like I Did Thanks To This One Awesome Tool I Use!

Officially My Blog Is Hack Proof Safe And Here’s How?

Here is how i hack proof my blog - My Blog is Unhackable

My Blog Is So Frigging Untouchable, But How?

For a start, Is your blog hack proof like mine? If not then i have the right tool for you

For the last couple of months i have been making a point to secure my blog big time doing all the right things and making sure ALL my plugins are tight and unexploitble.

I have used all my regular attacker tools from Nmap, Burpsuite, Port Scanners, Metasploit etc and of course, a wicked little free WordPress scanner called WpSec.com.

Check out the results from my last scan with them.

My Blog Is Hack Proof

So How Good Is This Free Hack Proof Web Scanner?

Well guys, i have been testing it out on other blogs and i have found it to be very useful and in one particular case, i got lucky.

So one night i managed to find this really badly designed blog called Wheretodfindwealth.com, and so i used that address to test for some exploits.

WOW! Check for yourself the results from the scan which are mind blowing.

My Blog Is Hack Proof


So i was like WTF? So i scrolled down the page and then found all the VULNS and EXPLOITS that made my job so easy. All you have to do next is execute the exploits.

My Blog Is Hack Proof

Something i leave others do now that i have happily retired 🙂 So that’s how easy it can be guys.

So How Good Is This Scanner? And Would You Recommend It?

In a way i kind of am recommending it to you by actually putting the time in to review the damn thing but boy it’s powerful and it all automated so it’s so handy.

This one is for both Pro hackers and noobs to play around with it so find the free tool here



If you want to hack proof your blog with the best tool in town then i suggest you get the scanner but only if you own a WordPress blog that is of course.

I love it for a host of reasons and one of them is that it’s free, and so simple to use and is so fast which is what i love about it the most. The speed of the results!

So go and hack proof your blogs guys and then come back and thank me later 😉

Happy Hacking!