Can You Make Money With Free Crypto Currency?

So I did my research into Making Money With Crypto…

Have you ever heard of crypto coins? Like BITCOIN, LITECOIN, ETHEREUM?

If you haven’t then you must have been living under a rock because over the last 10 years, a new form of digital money has evolved quite successfully on the internet and it’s called CRYPTO.

Whether it be Bitcoin, Litecoin, Electroneum or plain old Ethereum, the value of these coins have gone through the roof, and banks are petrified of them, hence all the bad press and fake press about this awesome revolution.

Who needs banks when you have your own self-governed money, and that’s why the Governments hate it for it not only puts them out of business but it could, in the end, FINISH THEM ALL OFF! 

So what is it and where did it all begin?

Bitcoin came out around about 2008, allegedly created by some unknown mysterious Japanese guy called Satoshi Nakamoto, and the value of each coin was pretty low so nobody cared at first. Everyone thought it was just a novelty that would just do exactly like the concept of the fidget spinner phenomenon and just fade away.

That never happened. Far from it. It was just the beginning of this revolution to begin to catch the imagination of every wise entrepreneur out there looking and waiting to make their next few million.

It was early days, and nobody saw this online gold rush, a lot like the dot com domain name gold rush, and like that one, I was told and warned about it, but I just mocked the advice from my dad. If I had listened to him, I would be pretty well off by now.

Can you make money with crypto?

Why the hell didn’t I listen to him Grrrrrrr!

Nevertheless, life moved on and the price of Bitcoin rose silently in the background.

Just to put things into perspective, and to show you how much we all missed out of this crypto gold rush when it first came out and we all had a laugh over it. Many others didn’t find it funny, they bought it by the bucket load and just sat on it for years till it shot up in value. Boy did it shoot up to $20k per coin.

It’s estimated that by the year 2030, that Bitcoin will be worth a million pounds per coin

Can you make money with crypto?


The price of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2008 was something like 0000.01 compared to now 2019 where it sits at $9k per coin. So still worth a lot of money, and yes it is very hard to get hold of even at that price given that the difficulty in mining it with lots of computers has become almost impossible, and this has helped other crypto coins such as Litecoin, and Electroneum to kick off.

So the bottom line is, can you make FREE Bitcoin cryptocurrency in 2019?

The answer is YES.

I have come up with 3 ways you can make free money with crypto in 2019 and the good thing about it all is that anyone can do it, providing they have a smartphone or a laptop/PC. If you don’t own one, go get one coz boy you are going to need one.

Here are my 3 Top Ways To Make FREE Money With Crypto In 2019

  • FAUCETS – Sign up to the highest paid faucets, and they will pay you out Bitcoin every 30 mins to one hour and just for being a member or doing some sort of small tasks. The best one right now is
  • APPS – There are loads of apps out there that will pay you in crypto for downloading apps, or doing surveys that take just a few minutes to do. Apps such as Storm Play and Blockchain game.
  • BROWSER MINING – (MY FAVOURITE) **** If you are reading this web page, you are viewing it through a web browser such as Google Chrome, or Safari. In that case, you have a browser and you can download the app called CRYPTOTAB. and with this app, you can mine Bitcoin using your computer, and it’s totally free. It’s totally passive, and therefore anyone can do it. The more people you refer to it, you get more earnings. I will do a review on it soon!

Can you make money with crypto?


As with all things in life, one has to test them out and see if there is any truth in it. What I find most bizarre is that any one of us could have made it to millionaire status with this crypto stuff, and we still can. There are always new coins coming out every day, so you just have to do your own homework on them.

So thanks for reading this post guys, as I’m sure you have learnt something new from it, and as a way of saying THANKS, I want to give you some free crypto coins. All you have to do is sign up with a well known Crypto broker called Coinbase and they will give you FREE coins for signing up. Sign up here man!

Good Luck Guys And Hope You All Make A Ton Of It!