Stay Clear Of Anything Drew Burton Promotes And Here’s Why?

Drew Burton Scammer

DREW BURTON is the name of the worlds biggest scammer

Thanks to Drew Burton, one of the biggest ponzi scam promoters from Canada who stung me once in his last scam back in 2017 called I will never trust anyone online ever again.

Since then he has created two more scams which people have fallen for and I think it’s high time I started to expose these internet scammers once and for all.

So as from today, I will be starting my own SCAMS page which will be home to the likes of Drew and all the other like-minded greedy scum bag scammers and I won’t just expose them for the disgusting scamming rats that they are.

But I will PROVE with EVIDENCE that these crooks deserve NO RESPECT from anyone and that they should be avoided at all costs.

In my next post, I will tell you all about the worst scams that have hit our shores recently and how to avoid them!

Going back to the not so lovely Drew Burton from Ontario in Canada. Just type in Google or the search terms “Drew Burton or Drew Burton scammer” and you will find the blog that I set up to expose him called

Drew Burton Scammer


Other scams of his that you should know about are mentioned below and boy has this scum bag been up to no good, think it’s high time he retired.

then again, after his last scam, I don’t anyone will go near his scams again.

Drew Burton needs avoiding like the plague and I just wish I could get to interview him, just to set the record straight and get him to apologize to all the many victims.

Check my blog out for more info on him and if you have been a victim so you know how you can report him!