The Hack My Blog Challenge Is Almost Over! Unlucky Hackers! You Lose!

Final Day Of The Hack My Blog Challenge (Nearly 400 Attacks)

Hack This Blog! Have you got what it takes?

Thanks, For Doing The Hack My Blog Challenge 

Yes guys the hack my blog challenge is nearly finished, almost like 400 entries and attacks and not one breach of my security so I can gleefully and proudly state categorically that my blog is SUPER SECURE and you need to go back to hacker school. BADLY!

From using tools like Nmap to BurpSuite to even using port sniffers. Still it didn’t help!

Oh Well! Better Luck Next Time Guys It Was Still Fun

For me, this wasn’t all about trying to make a mockery of your hacking skills as you did those yourselves, but it was more about testing my security to beef up mine.

To keep little fu**ers like you out of my blog in due course of course.

What Did You Learn About Doing This Hack My Blog Challenge?

Well apart from the fact that you need to up your game, I’m almost certain that you will learn that hacking sites isn’t as easy as you think.

Now if a website or blog was an old one with ASP pages then chances are it’s very hackable and you could quite easily use SQL injection to bypass the login panel at the back end.

Thing is with WordPress, THANKFULLY is that over the years their software and plugins from third parties, have got much stronger.

So after pouring over the code to find any bugs, I can safely say I didn’t find any.

Hack This Blog! Have you got what it takes?

I really have loved giving you guys this opportunity, you will be rewarded with lots of free hacker tolls over the coming months for taking part.

The Hack my blog challenge really did give you all right challenge I think 🤔

One good thing about this whole challenge is the fact that I am very confident now to focus on releasing my security plugin so as a thank you to everyone I want to give you something back.

Final Conclusion

I want to dedicate a hacker page to you guys which will contain EVERY free hacker tool on the planet for you to use at your own peril

Plus, I will give you access to discounted hacking ebooks.

Plus, I will be more than happy to coach some of you noobs for free.

Get all my free hacker tools in the Hacker Toolbox from July soon.