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Can You Hack Facebook In 2019?

Can you hack facebook in 2019?

So Tell Me, Can You Hack Facebook In 2019?

Now I am sick of seeing all these posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and in most hacking forums out there from so-called professional hackers screaming facebook is hackable.

DISCLAIMER: This information about Hacking Facebook in 2019 is for educational purposes only.

So I set out to see if you can actually hack facebook, the results are worrying!

Hack Facebook - Hack This Blog! Have you got what it takes?So as we all know, Facebook is probably one of the biggest human databases in the world so just ask yourselves, why the hell would they allow some cheeky hackers to kill their servers or even worse, steal YOUR INFO?

In the early days, Facebook was very hackable and there were many attacks on the PHP coded social network but the developers got smarter or they just upgraded their security.

Now they have the most secure social networking site on the planet, don’t they?

No that’s a lie, coz humans are still dumb and there can still be a way into ACCOUNTS but not going through the backend. Only the frontend is exploitable.

But we will come onto that part a bit later.

You see, I do believe like a hacker when if there is a will, there is most definitely a way around everything if you stick to it and stay persistent.

Hacking is the same surely, isn’t it? Well it is for me, and I have been doing it on and off for 10 years now and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the changes in the hacking world.

Facebook has dramatically changed, especially it’s security as they have been attacked more times than the Pentagon.

So How Do You Actually Hack Facebook In 2019?

Well as some of us know in this industry, nothing is ever guaranteed, especially when the stakes are against us, the same applies to Facebook really when you look at its security.

It’s got Fort Knox type of security that even the President of America would be impressed with but how reliable is that security? Is that security enough to keep you out?

The answer is YES to the backend stuff but no to the main accounts.

but is hacking into accounts really classed as hacking? I don’t think it is and if anything I think it’s pretty lame to get a tool or design a tool that allows you safe access into someone else’s account.

I think it’s pretty shit to be honest, in fact, I wouldn’t do it if you paid me a million bucks!

Hacking Facebook in my view is just boring, and for script kiddies and noobs starting out looking to make a name for themselves. What is the point?

But if you are really serious about hacking facebook, don’t do it or you could find yourself in jail if they catch you and you don’t want that to happen do you?

So Tell Me, Can You Hack Facebook In 2019?

The Only Ways To Hack Into Facebook Accounts In 2019

  • Phishing via emails, using your own script or a fake web page which you easily make yourself and then you send to your target and phish for their login details that way.
  • Social Engineering, By calling the target up, and get them to reveal their details that way by phone or by the messaging system.

All other ways are absolute rubbish and I wouldn’t advise you do any of them, as it’s not worth the aggro. Just stick to building your programming skills up and go get a great paying job as an Ethical Hacker to help improve secure networks etc

Please don’t listen to all these fake hackers on Facebook who claim to have the skills and the powers to be able to hack Facebook. They lie or they want money off you.

Hacking into sites like Facebook isn’t as fun as it used to be, apparently, some of my mates tell me, but hey there are a billion more for you test on 😉

Just don’t forget to get the owners permission before you hit their websites like a hurricane

Where Can I Find Hacking Tools And Hacking Facebook Phishing Pages?

These are the best Black Hat hacking forums on the web right now which I love to frequent as I have done for many years, and I assure you, you can everything on these forums.

They are the only two most jam-packed forums that contain everything a hacker needs in order to equip your arsenal and learn from the best.

Remember guys, Hacking is a way of life, not just a way to ruin peoples lives so if you can do it in order to help improve other peoples lives.

Happy Hacking!