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Hi, guys, I am Daz and this is my ABOUT ME page!

Darren Protheroe - Founder Of This Blog (Trust me it’s NOT no boring rubbish)

That’s me, the dude to the left of your eyeballs and the very same guy who wants to tell you all a little about me and my story and how I’m one happy normal(ish) average typical dad who nearly gives up on life online until I found out about Futurenet.

Not too fast…in the beginning…

My name is Darren Protheroe but you can call me Daz.

Since I was a young boy, I have always wanted to find that one way (or more) to rely upon to make a ton of passive residual income(s) to allow me to follow my other passions in life and just to give me that sense of freedom that having money gives you but things don’t always pan out how you expect them.

Growing up in Wales was a blessing and it brought out the best in me.

But I assure you, it’s NOT been all rainbows and unicorns for me and my family and like everyone, we have had our major and minor ups and downs throughout our lives and although some of us have gone our separate ways, we still like to meet up for coffee for a catch up every Friday at our local Costa coffee shop.

Anyone will tell you if they know me that I am a HUGE coffee fan and that I equally love money just the same and for me, I love the chase of money coz when you do something properly, the money usually flows afterwards. Not always I might add, as you will soon find out, but sometimes.

Swansea born, Swansea bred.

Home Sweet Home - Swansea - Futureadpro.co.uk
Swansea – My home city


And home for me has always played a huge role in the making of me and the breaking of me, but yet I strive and continuously survive and thrive in the comfort of like-minded folk like yourselves.

Futurenet like my family is my saving grace and I’m so thankful that I found this great biz which has changed all our lives big time and it’s helped us out with a new TV, a new car, and a holiday and all thanks to Futurenet (social platform like Facebook that pays you to socialise) and it’s sister biz.

Future Ad Pro which has changed well over 4 million members lives over the last 5-6 years and is voted in the top ten MLM companies globally so thank you Futurenet and FAP as we call it coz it’s most certainly smashing records right now so I’m chuffed I’m on board.

Thanks to Futurenet, I can see the amazing effect it’s having and it’s all positive and being a part of it has not just changed our lives but it’s given us more time to enjoy ourselves without having to worry about poxy money.

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